How we select an ATM?

There is no such defined formula that can assurance you about the security of the ATM selection. Therefore, the ATM user needs to exercise some carefulness when selecting an ATM.

       There are some steps to fellow:

  • Always go for banking in daylight hours and specially avoid to visiting ATM at weekend night.
  • Always choose ATM location which you are most familiar, most nearest point from your home or heavily traveled areas.
  • First observe the surroundings of ATM before make any transaction, if there are any person looking you then tries to avoid using ATM this time.
  • The best practice is that always go for ATM with any family member or with your best friend.
  • Avoid using if you find any other machine or code reader attached with the ATM machine.
  • Always select the ATM that is monitored by bank security or with security camera.


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