Write A Batch File To Start Program In Startup

You can start your computer applications automatically and control the sequence of the programs when your computer comes up.
Here we consider you want to run three different applications (WordPad, calculator, and notepad) and minimized automatically with sequence at windows startup. However, you can write a batch file to do the job for you. Open any text editor like notepad and type the following command.
start /min wordpad.exe start /min calc.exe start /min notepad.exe
Now choose the option, Save As to save this file with .bat extension. For example filename.bat.
Now Right- click on Start button and choose open > Double click Programs > here open Startup folder. Now drag your .bat file in the Startup folder and close the dialog box.
Next time When you restart the computer, WordPad, Calc will start first and then Notepad. You won't see the batch file run because you told it to run minimized.

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